Xa-Miner Quick Start

Step 1 - Make The Connection

Plug an ethernet cable to port 1 (see arrows) and the power adapter to the matching jack. There are two different backplates with the DC power input located on either the left or right. One is HDMI, the other is DisplayPort. All units are shipped now with BIOS settings to auto power and so they will boot automatically when the power cable is plugged in.
Note: You do not access the Xa-Miner directly by plugging a monitor, mouse or keyboard into it. You might never need to access your Xa-Miner directly, as nearly everything can be handled from the web interface. Users will only need to access the device directly when they need tech support for the unit. Also note that only the rear USB ports are active, the front USB ports are disabled by design.
Note: Please ensure your Xa-Miner has enough SCP to cover the collateral costs of storage contracts. At current SCP prices, your Xa-Miner would need approximately 100 SCP per TB for full collateralization. Please keep in mind that you only need to cover collateral for used space, meaning you don't have to collateralize the entire capacity of the Xa-Miner all at once. For more information on collateral, see this document.

Step 2 - Find the Xa-Miner

Locate the IP address of your Xa-Miner by logging into your router and finding the device list. Another option is IP scanner software. You will be looking for a device called 'localhost' or 'xaminer'. Note the device IP address.

Step 3 - Forward These Ports

Next, you must forward ports 4282, 4283 and 4285 on your router for the above address in the WAN or Firewall settings.

Step 4 - Complete the Setup

From a phone, tablet or computer enter the Xa-Miner IP address in a browser. You will see the screen above. After you ‘click’, there may be a short delay. Next, you receive a wallet seed, register with an email and set the ports as described above. Save the wallet seed in a safe place.
If you require additional support, please visit the ScPrime Discord. To setup a monitor to get alerts if your Xa-Miner goes offline, read this guide.
updated 8/8/22 v1.15