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Xa Miner UI Walkthrough

Please note that this document is out of date. Please visit for up to date documents and guides for the Xa-Miner.

Welcome to the Xa-Miner UI walkthrough. This guide is based on UI version 1.1.0.


When first connecting to the Xa-Miner UI you will be presented with the Financials page by default.


The Wallet panel shows your current SCP balance as well as the Fiat amount based on the chosen currency.
Should you wish to send more SCP coins to the Xa-Miner’s wallet, click on Receive and your wallet address is copied to your clipboard. From here you can paste the address into the wallet you wish to send coins from. Should you wish to transfer coins from the Xa-Miner wallet to another wallet, for example a cold wallet, click on the Send button. That will bring up this page.
From here you can input the wallet address you want to send to and the amount of SCP.


The Contracts panel shows information about the contracts the Xa-Miner has active currently, successfully completed and the amount of collateral that’s locked and risked in those active contracts.
Clicking on the number of Active contracts brings up the Contract Explorer window.
This shows more details about each individual contract. You can also click on the Contract ID and it will take you to the ScPrime Explorer page for that contract. Click on Next takes you to a timeline view of your contracts.
Hang the mouse over a contract line to get more details about that particular contract. The following screenshots are taken from an Xa-Miner with a longer history.
This info can also be exported to a CSV file by clicking on the CSV icon in the top right of the page.


The Income panel displays the expected income from storage earnings (not including incentives, rebates or any bonus payments) for the current calendar month (note this is purely an estimate), the previous month’s income and the all time income for the Xa-Miner.


The Rebates panel shows the details of the rebates so far. This includes rebates paid out along with any rebates which have been missed due to the Xa-Miner not meeting the 95% uptime criteria to qualify for the rebates. Clicking on View next to each one will take you to the ScPrime Explorer page showing the transaction.


The Summary panel shows you some details about your Xa-Miner. They are as follows:
Status - this should show Active once your Xa-Miner is fully setup and announced. During the setup process you may see Unconfirmed or Confirmed. If it remains on Unconfirmed for more than an hour please contact Tech Support.
Blockchain - this should always say Synchronized. Should it say Unsynchronized please navigate to the Support page and click on Redownload to redownload a fresh copy of the blockchain.
E-mail - this is the e-mail address you registered the Xa-Miner to. Clicking on this allows you to change it if required.
Ports - these are the ports the Xa-Miner is running on. They should show in blue which means the ports are open and the port forwarding is working. If they are in orange then that indicates that there is a problem with the port forwarding setup on your router which needs resolving. Please refer to the Port Forwarding page for more help with this topic.
Versions - this shows the currently running software versions of SPD (the Daemon), Supervisor and the WebUI.
Serial - this is the unique serial number of your Xa-Miner


Finally in the Transactions panel, you can see the transactions in and out of your wallet. You may need to click on Next to go through all the transactions depending on how many you have. Again these can be exported to a CSV file using the button in the top right.
In the top right of the UI you have 2 icons. The first one is for software updates so if there is an update available you will see a notification on this icon so you can choose to download and install a new version of the Xa-Miner software. The next icon allows you to reboot or power down the Xa-Miner from the UI. This can be useful if you have remote access to the UI while away from the location of the Xa-Miner and you need to reboot it or shut it down.


The Stats page essentially opens up the external Grafana page within the local UI. It should be noted that the Stats page is not real time so if for example your Xa-Miner has been offline and you get it back online, the Stats page can take up to 30 mins to update. Clicking on the Open in Grafana button will open the external link for your provider in a new tab. This page is accessible from anywhere so should be bookmarked so you can check on your Xa-Miner when not at the same location as it. Also if requesting support then you will usually be asked for your Grafana link, this is the link you should share with Support.


On the Settings page, you can see your provider’s pricing config. Note these are set for auto pricing so you do not need to change these settings and your Xa-Miner will update them regularly to keep in line with the standard pricing structure for Xa-Miners. You can set your desired fiat currency which is used throughout the Xa-Miner UI from the drop down list at the bottom of the page.


Next on the Support page, the status of Supervisor and the Daemon (spd) are shown, if either are offline there will be an Orange Restart button next to them where you can try to restart the processes. The rest of the buttons are as follows:
Download logs - this will zip up all the log files from your provider and the browser will download them to its default download location.
Reannounce - this is a manual reannounce button, Supervisor will automatically re-announce your provider should the public IP address or ports change. This button can be used should that not work or if the Support Team instructs you to use it.
Redownload - this button will redownload a fresh copy of the blockchain. Occasionally the consensus.db file can get corrupted and requires a fresh copy downloading.
Change Ports - should you need to change the ports your Xa-Miner is running on, click this button and enter the desired hosting port and relayer port. Typically these are consecutive ports like 4272 and 4273 or 14282 and 14283.
Reset Ports - this will reset your provider back to the default 4282 and 4283 ports.
Upload logs - this button will zip up your log files and then upload them to the Support Team’s server so they can be inspected to help in troubleshooting issues with a provider. Only use this at the instruction of the Support Team.
Open Chat Window - this feature allows you to chat 1:1 with a member of the Support Team without having to visit Discord. Please note that the Support Team is not necessarily available 24/7 and if no one is available, the chat button is disabled and will indicate that no one is online.
At the bottom of this page you will see some log files from various components of your Xa-Miner, these are not generally for users to concern themselves with but the Support Team or the developers may ask you for the latest log messages from a particular component for example.