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Xa-Miner SPF-B Rebate Process

Please note that this document is out of date. Please visit for up to date documents and guides for the Xa-Miner.

This guide will help Xa-Miner owners, both hardware and software, through the process to exchange their rebates for SPF-B if they wish. More information about SPF can be found here.
Once your Xa-Miner has received the software update to give you the option of swapping your rebates, or for software Xa-Miners, you’ve performed the manual update following the process here for Linux or here for Windows, you will see a button the rebates panel of the Financials page as below:
Or for a software Xa-Miner you will see the 2 rebates as follows:
This panel shows the rebates already paid (status is confirmed) plus future rebates (status is upcoming) along with the scheduled dates. You now have the choice to exchange all of those rebates in SCP for SPF-B. The amount of SPF-B rebate for each type of device are as follows:
64TB Xa-Miner - 10,000 SPF-B
40TB Xa-Miner - 8,250 SPF-B
16TB Xa-Miner - 6,500 SPF-B
Full Software License - 2,500 SPF-B
The SCP rebates already paid will be sent back to the SCP Corp Wallet and post the fork when SPF-B are created, the SPF-B will be sent to the provider’s wallet.
You must ensure you will still have enough SCP coins to cover the collateral requirements of your provider after the rebated coins are returned.
If you have decided to swap your rebates for SPF-B, simply click on the Convert all Rebates into SPF-B tokens button to begin.
Click on Continue.
Should you have SCP coins which need to be returned for rebates already paid out (will always be the case for hardware Xa-Miners, software Xa-Miners likely won’t have received their first rebate yet), you will see exactly how much SCP will be returned based on the SCP you have already received as rebates. To send the coins back to the SCP Corp, you will need to enter your wallet seed in the box, being careful to ensure there’s no spaces at the end of the seed and no carriage returns (a good idea is to write it in Notepad or a simple text editor and copy it from there and paste into the box). Then click on Remit.
If you don’t have any SCP coins to return you will see the following. Click on I understand to proceed.
You will see the below confirmation dialog. Click on Done to complete the process.
Now in the rebates panel you will simply see the following if you have completed the remit process.
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