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Uptime Robot Guide

7/31/21 v1.2

Please note that this document is out of date. Please visit for up to date documents and guides for the Xa-Miner.

Uptime is one of the most important metrics for ScPrime Storage Providers (hosts). The ability to keep a host/hosts online is key to the success of both the individual Storage Provider and the ScPrime network as a whole!
Hosts can go down for a variety of reasons (a very common one for Windows users is the dreaded automatic updates), and most causes are easily remedied. The issue is, how to quickly let Storage Providers know that a host is down so they can get it back up and running in a timely manner. While a few different approaches have been undertaken and tried by the team to do just this, a handy website called UptimeRobot may be the answer for the time being.
This short guide will help you get setup on UptimeRobot to setup a monitor for your host/hosts. The first step will be to navigate to the website as linked above.
You will want to click on Sign-up and then choose your plan. For now, the free plan should be sufficient for most. It checks the host every 5 minutes and emails you if you’re host is down. The Pro plan offers 1 minute intervals and text or voice alerts (compared to just email), so one is welcome to go that route if they want.
Once you are all signed up, go to your Dashboard and you should see a screen similar to the one above. I have already added a host and you can see it is being monitored. Let’s go ahead and add a new monitor by clicking on the Add New Monitor button.
You will want to click on the Monitor Type drop down and select Port
You will then give your monitor a ‘Friendly’ name. For this guide, I just used ‘Host for Guide’. Then enter your IP (url or host) for the host you want to monitor. After that you will want to select Custom Port under the Port drop down. Enter 4282 as your Custom Port. The interval will have to be 5 minutes unless you selected the Pro plan.
Be sure to click the box next to your email address to set an alert for this monitor. Now click Create Monitor and then Close to go back to your Dashboard.
Back in your Dashboard you will see your new monitor. It might take a few minutes for it to register uptime. Hit refresh a few times after a bit and it should eventually show.
After this, you should receive an email whenever the monitor detects your host is offline. This of course will work best if you use an email that you check often or one that sends you an alert when your receive an email.
If you have any further questions about ScPrime hosting or about using Uptime Robot, feel free to visit the ‘storage-providers’ channel in the ScPrime Discord.